Anti-Spyware Protection For your Computer In Simple English

All of us surf the internet. Therefore, it is easy for others to 'look' into your computer and know which web site you have visited. It can also 'tell' the web browser to make other web site to be the home page or search page. It can even 'look' into your internet surfing history and your sensitive data. It can then report it to the other person. You have no control what the others can do to your data. This notorious software program is called spyware.

However, some spyware are used for commercial purposes. Example, through the spyware in your computer, the company knows when you last surfed their web site. They also know what you bought last time, so that they will recommend a related products to you. By using your computer, they can save lots of database space in their server.
Just like a spy, it acts automatically without you knowing it. So, you need anti spyware program to scan and monitor your computer, so that it will stop any suspicious activities within your computer. Scan your computer for spyware is proactive, you need a program to actively monitors your computer for spyware. That is the job of a anti spyware program.

However, spyware does not spread to other computers unlike virus. If your computer is infected with spyware. You may notice the following:

– Computer slows down.

– Web browser home page different from your usual home page

– Search page is different from our usual home page.

– Unusual pop ups appear on the screen.

– Pop ups tell you that your computer is infected with spyware and 'click here' to clean it.

– Suddenly, you receives a lot of junk email.

– Your computer 'right click' (for Windows PC) sub menu looks different from the usual sub menu.

– Web browser opens and closes automatically.

– Web browser keep on opening and display unusual web sites.

To prevent any of these really bad events happen to your computer. It is absolutely necessary to protect your computer.
A anti-spyware program is your answer.
t is important to have anti spyware installed into your computer.

After installation, you need to update it and scan your computer immediately. It is important to update the anti spyware program regularly. New spyware are discovered frequently. You may have more than one anti spyware program, but you need one to load into your computer. The software will constantly monitors for any spyware activities.

Even when your computer is loaded with anti-spyware program, you still need to scan for spyware regularly. Anti-spyware scanning usually takes a much shorter time then antivirus scan. You should use more than one anti-spyware to scan your computer.

Microsoft Documents can contains a lot of hidden data. You can remove them all.

It is good to keep at least two anti spyware in your computer. One will constantly monitor your computer for spyware activities and two software will scan your computer for spyware only when you wanted to.

It is most important.
You must update your anti-spyware software regularly and scans it regularly. Uses at least two anti-spyware software to scan your computer.

Wai-Pan Chan